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Our Siding Services

Premier Siding Service

When you contact us with your residential siding concerns, we will schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience to give you a closer look at our available siding products.

  • Clapboard

  • Dutch Lap

  • Scallpos Half Round

  • Shake Shingles

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Alpha Thermal Wall

It provides energy savings and comfort, long-term look and feel of real wood, insect resistance, and superior weather resistance. It also increases impact resistance by more than 500% and is fire resistant. Thermal wall insulation backer fits comfortably behind clapboard siding and fully supports the contour of any siding panel. It fills out the profile of any siding 

Beautifying the Exterior of Your Home With New Siding is easy and affordable with 518 BERNARD ROOFING

A Facelift to your Home

The need to replace damaged or worn-out siding is an excellent way to give a new look and face to your home, for a minimal investment. Furthermore, new siding and exterior renovations will protect your home for years to come from all weathers and it will also add equity value.


Service areas: Albany, Saratoga & Schenectady Counties, Clifton Park, Saratoga Springs, Wynantskill and surrounding areas.

Best Siding For Your Home

The most popular type of vinyl siding is Dutch Lap. Dutch Lap siding has a decorative groove atop the board and creates beautiful shadow lines. Besides, choosing a light color for your home's exterior is the best way to make your home look larger, brighter, and more inviting.

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Local Siding Projects

Siding FAQs

What is the most durable cost effective siding? Pros and Cons of Different Siding Options Vinyl siding is currently the most widely used material for exterior siding. It's a durable, low-cost siding material that comes in a wide variety of colors and textures. You can get vinyl siding that replicates the look of wood-grain siding, wood shingles or even stone siding.

How long does insulated vinyl siding last? Typically, vinyl siding lasts between 20 and 40 years. This seems like a big window, but its lifespan depends on several variables. The amount of sun your home receives, the weather and other forces can affect how long it lasts

What siding doesn't mold? Garapa Wood Siding - Garapa is a well known and budget friendly hardwood siding choice that still has very high mold and insect resistance - higher than Oak. Garapa has similar qualities to Ipe and the other hardwood cladding options, such as strength, durability, and damage resistance

What color siding keeps bugs away? While it is true that green and blue are visible to insects, a dark or muted green or blue paint is actually perfect if you don't want to draw an insect's attention to your walls

How often should house siding be replaced? Here's the average life expectancy of siding based on the type of material it's made from: Vinyl siding – Should be replaced every 10-20 years. Fiber cement siding – Should be replaced every 50 years. Aluminum siding – Should be replaced every 20-40 years.

What color siding shows the least dirt? Light neutrals like grey, beige, sage and light blue are just as appealing to the eye, and those colors show much less dirt than stark white.

Does siding affect appraisal? Appraisers will also inspect your siding, gutters, roof, HVAC, plumbing and other home systems to make sure they're in good working order. If they're old or in need of repairs, it could negatively affect the estimate. Additionally, appraisers look for signs that your house hasn't been properly maintained.

What is the trend for siding? Some of the best siding colors 2023 has seen trending are bold color choices that include deep shades of blue, rich greens, vibrant reds, and even shades of purple. These colors can highlight specific areas of the home, such as the front door, shutters, or trim.

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